Saturday, August 14, 2010

mood ber-RF

Yashica MG-1 ~1975
Yashinon 45mm 1:2.8
Automatic exposure, aperture priority with an electronic controlled leaf shutter 2" - 1/500, continuously variable, using a "Top-eye" CdS cell
Yellow and red lights on top replicated, as arrows, in the viewfinder, cautioning for over exposure or slow speed selected.
Coupled rangefinder and parallax correction marks in the bright viewfinder.
ASA range 25-800

baru habis berexperimentasi..tak tau macam mana hasilnya nanti..

p/s ada misi lain lepas ni..kate 'mandi' dateline 15/8.tapi ditunda ke 22/8..nasib baik.thanks 'mandi'..

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